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Анализ удаленной работы

В данной статье дается анализ удаленной работы за некоторый период времени с freelance сайтов. Рассказывается о ценах, что делают, зачем это надо и т.п.

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В этом разделе дана информация по удаленной работе.Сканируются несколько сайтов, которые предлагают временную работу. Также дается аналитическая информация по идеям в it области. Она публикуется в статье блога, смотрите банер слева.

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We need some cold callers, have to be able to speak good English, You will be targeting Australian Pet people and pet business. you will be selling premium packages i will pay $50 a lead = 50% commission
Бюджет: $5
Прошло: 7 мин. 50 сек.
Страна: Australia

I own a financial planning company that services teachers. I am trying to market life insurance to my existing clients.  I need a person to take the life insurance exam . I will pay for it and your time.  You have to have a United states social security number to take the exam.
Бюджет: $5000
Прошло: 8 мин. 23 сек.
Страна: United States

HI, i am looking for a canva expert for small project's that I need to be done fast and simple. I am wanting to use canva as it allows me to have control over my project after. The first project I need to be done is to recreate 4 images.. they need to look different from the sample as I do not want to copy this.
Прошло: 8 мин. 44 сек.
Страна: Canada Работа: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Graphic Design, Image Editing

Looking for an experienced web developer, with knowledge on wordpress, javascript, php, mysql, jquery. To develop a site for managening events, the details are: -let people register on website and have the chance to create their own events and promote them becoming organizers.
Бюджет: $500
Прошло: 8 мин. 58 сек.
Страна: Mexico

We need a database created of all Real Estate agencies in Australia, specifically in New South Wales and Victoria along with the agent details. The details of the agents in each Real Estate firm are easily available on their website and the source websites will be provided.
Бюджет: $400
Прошло: 9 мин. 1 сек.
Страна: Australia Работа: Data Entry, Data Scraping, Internet Research, Lead Generation, Microsoft Excel

I have tracks and a lot of footage.  Need syncing and good imagination to make it all come alive.  This is a bit of a blank slate, as I'm also looking for someone who is very creative and can bring their own ideas to video projects of all types.
Прошло: 9 мин. 17 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Video Editing, Video Production

I am an entrepreneur, investor, and deal-maker and am backed by a network of other investors who have participated in my projects over the years.  I've invested in and raised capital from other private investors to fund 6 business / projects I've been involved with over the last 8 years.
Прошло: 9 мин. 43 сек.
Страна: Taiwan

Hi, I wanna a one-minute video .It should have words and sound on video .Also the pictures can be drew. Or you can use the pictures I offered. IMPORTANT:You should complete this job within 3 days from the day the millstones set.
Бюджет: $20
Прошло: 9 мин. 56 сек.
Страна: China Работа: Video Production, YouTube Marketing

Newly established Insurance broker in Orlando looking for branding, logo design, and website development that will work as a leads generator using social media e-commerce platforms to cultivate enquiries, leads and ultimately generate sales.
Бюджет: $1947
Прошло: 12 мин. 44 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Web Design, Website Development

I need someone to translate our mobile application (500 strings). Previous experience translating a mobile app helpful. It's an awesome app called WiFi Map!: June 26, 2017 01:29 UTC
Бюджет: $20
Прошло: 13 мин. 2 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Translation, Translation English Arabic