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Анализ удаленной работы

В данной статье дается анализ удаленной работы за некоторый период времени с freelance сайтов. Рассказывается о ценах, что делают, зачем это надо и т.п.

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В этом разделе дана информация по удаленной работе.Сканируются несколько сайтов, которые предлагают временную работу. Также дается аналитическая информация по идеям в it области. Она публикуется в статье блога, смотрите банер слева.

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Arrange products, upload products, light design work for commerce store: Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Прошло: 41 мин. 35 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Web Design, Website Development, WordPress

Hi, Currently I am facing issue to fetching messages from fifo queue of AWS. I have spring JmsTemplate to implement AWS FIFO queue. But some how its not working. So I am looking some one who can fix this problem for me.
Прошло: 42 мин. 2 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Amazon S3

I have been running a lifestlye magazine but have never invested in SEO and it is something I need to do. I first need to speak to someone to understand a bit more about it and then hire someone to help.
Бюджет: $1000
Прошло: 42 мин. 13 сек.
Страна: Singapore

Hi We are a startup company in Toronto Canada looking for a lawyer that can help us develop/modify our terms and conditions. you must a be a US,Canada or UK lawyer.: June 23, 2017 02:34 UTC
Прошло: 42 мин. 19 сек.
Страна: Canada

Looking to track sales and productivity numbers using App Sheets. This app would need to track averages and yearly totals per employee.: 210564476
Бюджет: $75
Прошло: 42 мин. 23 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development

we have app tp control thermostat for heating and collig through the AWS sever. we need to add on Alexa voice app to our app.: 210564475
Бюджет: $5
Прошло: 42 мин. 28 сек.
Страна: Thailand Работа: Android App Development, Apple Xcode, HTML5, iOS Development, iPhone App Development

Looking for an efficient API wizard to create a Zendesk App to pass questions and answers with Trademe.   Zendesk API info -
Прошло: 42 мин. 36 сек.
Страна: New Zealand Работа: API Development, JavaScript, JSON, PHP

We are looking for a online marketeer for a online webshop. This will be a 4-6 month project. You should have a solid background in online marketing, SSM, Facebook post, Facebook Ads - Instagram posts / getting in contact with influencer. - Twitter
Прошло: 46 мин. 20 сек.
Страна: Singapore Работа: Internet Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Sales, Social Media Marketing

Seeing a proof reader and editor advisor for first time author publishing expertise in setting up Kindle (KP) files expertise in PDF, EPUB, Mobi, other expertise in first time authorship and printing seeking an editor and ghost writer
Бюджет: $400
Прошло: 46 мин. 30 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Amazon Web Services, Amazon Webstore, Audio Design, ePub, Kindle Fire, mobi, PDF Conversion, Podcasting

I need someone to create five (5) Web 2.0 sites per day with links to my website 5 days per week. In total I need 25 links per week for one week. It is important that you understand that I DO NOT want all links created at once as I need a constant feed of links. I require no more than fiveweb 2.0 sites created with content and links each day. If you ...
Бюджет: $30
Прошло: 47 мин. 11 сек.
Страна: United States