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Анализ удаленной работы

В данной статье дается анализ удаленной работы за некоторый период времени с freelance сайтов. Рассказывается о ценах, что делают, зачем это надо и т.п.

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В этом разделе дана информация по удаленной работе.Сканируются несколько сайтов, которые предлагают временную работу. Также дается аналитическая информация по идеям в it области. Она публикуется в статье блога, смотрите банер слева.

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I need help creating my own cryptocurrency and getting it into a exchange. I also want my currency to be available on a craigslist type website and app like LETGO where people can sell something and send there money
Бюджет: $1000
Прошло: 13 мин. 23 сек.
Страна: United States

Looking for a detailed and artistic storyboard for about 3 pages of script.  We have some basic ideas but looking for the ability to translate the script into a visual storyboard.  In addition we need some treatments of characters visuals (futuristic film) to guide the costume and makeup.
Бюджет: $1500
Прошло: 19 мин. 21 сек.
Работа: Drawing, Illustration, Storyboarding

Relatively complex iPad-only core data app, developed with Xcode ~2012, targeting iOS 5 needs updating and re-deploying to the app store, with as few changes as possible (only those that we’re forced to make). App has been in the store for 5 years and has a significant installed base. All user data must be maintained.
Бюджет: $2000
Прошло: 41 мин. 15 сек.
Страна: Canada Работа: iPad App Development

we are looking for somebody to create us an app exactly like this:
Бюджет: $1000
Прошло: 54 мин. 23 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Augmented Reality, Mobile App Development

We need a team of writers to review websites and write a snippet (short description) about the site. The job will be high volume. The writers should be fluent English and be experienced writers. We have a list of about 75,000 links. I need a team that can visit each link and write short, 10-20 word descriptions, including these key details where relevant ...
Бюджет: $10000
Прошло: 1 час. 4 мин. 40 сек.
Страна: United States

Looking for a React developer with server-side rendering experience, knowledge of PostgreSQL, AWS, ImageMagick, and Docker. Developer must be able to work with due dates and communicate effectively. Developer will work under a team lead who will oversee all development and design of the application. The app in it's current state is about 75% done, ...
Бюджет: $2000
Прошло: 1 час. 23 мин. 32 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: CSS, CSS3, HTML, JavaScript, Web Design

My boss is needing someone to create sketches for his front and backyard at his new property which he just had built. Looking for someone local to Dallas, TX.: July 20, 2017 21:12 UTC
Бюджет: $1500
Прошло: 1 час. 28 мин. 32 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Landscape Design

Looking for an experience web designer with a creative flair and experience in designing exquisite Lingerie themes  for a Big Commerce shopping cart for multiple sites and products. The ability to speak French would also be helpful but not a necessity.
Бюджет: $1500
Прошло: 1 час. 39 мин. 35 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Graphic Design, HTML, Web Design, Website Development

Our web domain is globalin.us. The website should be part informational for our clients (and potential clients), as well as a hub to list and/or link to the property listings we have up on Loopnet (here are their website widgets: ).
Бюджет: $2000
Прошло: 2 час. 23 мин. 24 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: CSS, CSS3, Graphic Design, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Web Design, WordPress

I am looking for developer to update an existing web application. The front end in HTML5 / Javascript / react js / redux. The back end has been written in NodeJS. If interested, make sure make the first word of your reply is NODE.
Бюджет: $1000
Прошло: 2 час. 30 мин. 4 сек.
Страна: India