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Анализ удаленной работы

В данной статье дается анализ удаленной работы за некоторый период времени с freelance сайтов. Рассказывается о ценах, что делают, зачем это надо и т.п.

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В этом разделе дана информация по удаленной работе.Сканируются несколько сайтов, которые предлагают временную работу. Также дается аналитическая информация по идеям в it области. Она публикуется в статье блога, смотрите банер слева.

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We need a team of writers to review websites and write a snippet (short description) about the site. The job will be high volume. The writers should be fluent English and be experienced writers. We have a list of about 75,000 links. I need a team that can visit each link and write short, 10-20 word descriptions, including these key details where relevant ...
Бюджет: $10000
Прошло: 1 час. 3 мин. 59 сек.
Страна: United States

Are you interested in working for a Start Up?  Are you excited about working on cutting edge technologies?  We are looking for an iOS developer to develop an application that runs on iPhones using Swift and Objective C.  We are seeking an IOS Swift Developer to become an integral part of our team! You will be responsible ...
Бюджет: $7500
Прошло: 2 час. 29 мин. 25 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: iOS Development, iPhone App Development, Objective-C, Swift

Dear Authors, We're looking for multiple writers to cover various topic areas (money, business, relationships, tech, style, politics, etc.). Demographic is 35-50, and is a blend of Canadian and American audience (all our content is general or Canadian content).
Бюджет: $6500
Прошло: 3 час. 1 мин. 7 сек.
Страна: United States

Hello Freelancers, Today, I'm looking to hire a team. I don't care where you're from, Africa, Europe, America, Asia, Oceania or even Antarctica, do apply for the team. The people I need are as follows:
Бюджет: $50000
Прошло: 4 час. 13 мин. 24 сек.
Страна: Antarctica Работа: Adobe Photoshop, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Kickstarter Marketing, Managerial Finance, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Product Design, Product Marketing, Skype, Sourcing, WordPress

Looking for an experienced developer specifically with the Ionic Framework.  It will be a 2-3 month project and will reward quality work.  The project will be completely laid out so there is no questionable areas, just straight to the coding.  I'm a web developer myself, more experienced in React and Swift, but will ...
Бюджет: $6000
Прошло: 4 час. 34 мин. 57 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Ionic Framework, JavaScript, PHP

Young Backend enthusiast ! Populic Oy is a social media startup which launched first version of Populic in 1th May. Eventhough our first version was a bugsy, we have had a huge amount of downloads and new active users! Now we’re taking next steps as a company and we’re hiring a backend developer!
Бюджет: $5000
Прошло: 4 час. 44 мин. 2 сек.
Страна: Finland Работа: Game Development, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Redux for JavaScript

We have purchased the following software:
Бюджет: $5000
Прошло: 7 час. 8 мин. 27 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Web Design, Website Development

I'm looking for App promotion services for our product Kitever. (Playstore link: ) This app is meant for businesses and it helps them manage & engage their clients, It has a full order cycle module where business users can create orders,invoices,track inventory & even record their purchases. The basic version of the app is free. A brief ...
Бюджет: $25000
Прошло: 7 час. 14 мин. 10 сек.
Работа: Google AdWords, Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO Keyword Research, Social Media Marketing

We are looking for a creative web designer to design and build a new website for a software company that creates solutions for content sharing and real-time collaboration. You will have experience of building solutions for software companies and can easily demonstrate your creative prowess.
Бюджет: $10000
Прошло: 9 час. 15 мин.
Страна: United Kingdom Работа: Adobe Photoshop, CSS, Graphic Design, HTML, HTML5, Web Design, WordPress

need help with a lawyer who can help negotiate a term sheet with a Ventuhre Capitalist The task involves representing myself on getting the right terms and conditions: July 20, 2017 12:11 UTC
Бюджет: $5000
Прошло: 10 час. 29 мин. 26 сек.
Страна: Singapore Работа: Legal Writing