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Анализ удаленной работы

В данной статье дается анализ удаленной работы за некоторый период времени с freelance сайтов. Рассказывается о ценах, что делают, зачем это надо и т.п.

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В этом разделе дана информация по удаленной работе.Сканируются несколько сайтов, которые предлагают временную работу. Также дается аналитическая информация по идеям в it области. Она публикуется в статье блога, смотрите банер слева.

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Someone who is good in Researching, conducting and evaluating, on a continuing basis, programs of action and communication to achieve the informed public understanding necessary to the success of an organization's aims. These may include marketing; financial; fund raising; employee, community or government relations; and other programs.
Прошло: 3 мин. 40 сек.
Страна: United States

The introductory screen and the screen at the end of the videos that show the Pley logo need to be updated with a different image and text.: 211286023
Прошло: 3 мин. 42 сек.
Страна: United States

I'd like to find / take an online course that teaches me how to build a mobile app from scratch. I've got a technical background (have built web apps before), but I'm not as technical anymore on a day to day basis. I'm mainly interested in learning the basics here - something where I could learn the mechanics without having to learning ...
Прошло: 4 мин. 22 сек.
Страна: United States

I need someone to translate 200 words from english to Spanish. You MUST NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE to get paid. This job is for native Spanish speakers, with option to have more jobs (we have 50 books to translate).
Бюджет: $10
Прошло: 4 мин. 42 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Spanish, Translation, Translation English Spanish, Translation Spanish English

We are looking for full time writers. This job is long term. (Preferrably with Law, Finance, Statistics, IT & Medical background) The following are the requirements. 1. Efficient enough to write 40 000 words per month
Бюджет: $600
Прошло: 5 мин. 4 сек.
Страна: Australia Работа: Academic Writing, Business Writing, Research Papers, Technical Writing

I need someone to help me develop three Excel spread sheets. I need the spread sheets to be very thorough. I need who knows how to navigate the web well. Someone who can follow directions and ask for clarification if something is not clear. I need someone with good communication skills in English. Expert in excel is a requirement.
Бюджет: $30
Прошло: 5 мин. 19 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Data Entry, Internet Research, Microsoft Excel

I am looking to get 3 (text) logos rasterized to be used for t-shirt and hat printing. I would like the font to similar to the font in the pictures attached below. (see attachments below). Logo 1: 1947
Бюджет: $10
Прошло: 6 мин. 14 сек.
Страна: United States

My SASS styles are being processed, but not updating automatically. Need a React / Webpack pro that understands this to get it working properly. This uses
Бюджет: $20
Прошло: 7 мин. 36 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Webpack, Website Development

I need a dedicated individual who I can partner up with to remove background images super fast.  I also would like to see if we can work together as time goes on, I have a lot of work.  Please let me know if I can contract with you.
Прошло: 10 мин. 34 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Photo Editing

I have several thousand profiles on my website.  Each of the profiles, we are going to offer the ability for them purchase their own domain name.  We name to use a domain name generator that checks the availability.  The domains that will be searched for are ".coms"  It will search the domain names ...
Бюджет: $50
Прошло: 11 мин. 3 сек.
Страна: United States Работа: API Development, HTML